ELPN Books in Public Places

Our mission is to promote early literacy in young children so they will be ready to read at school. We would like to place children's books in local agencies, clinics, barber shops, or beauty salons, so that parents can read to their children while waiting.

I would like to invite the Texas Tech community to donate children's books for public settings in East Lubbock by purchasing selected books from this wish list on Amazon.

We would accomplish:

  • Making children's books accessible to families in East Lubbock
  • Promoting parent-child reading
  • Contributing to school readiness in young children
  • Bringing TTU community support to East Lubbock
  • Maximizing the benefits of ELPN federal funding

Demonstrating Texas Tech's commitment to the goals of the East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood Initiative. 


   Hosted By 

   Dr. Stephanie Shine 

   Early Head Start 

   Texas Tech University 

About ELPN

The East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood is an US Department of Education funded initiative committed to working with the residents of East Lubbock, Texas to support and advocate for our children – ensuring that both children and parents have access to the resources they need to grow, learn and succeed.

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