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 ELPN Camp Champion


  • Camp Champion, a four day camp hosted by the Health, Exercise, Sport Sciences department, provides a unique physical activity experience for student’s ages 5 to 10 years of age. Students have the opportunity to enhance their skills, increase their knowledge of and participate in a wide variety of sports and physical activities. Camp Champion offers age appropriate activities that focus on a variety of gross motor movement skills and lead-up to sport games, including scooter soccer, noodle hockey, basketball, t-ball, badminton, bowling, and parachute play. Our days are filled with activities designed to be fun, active, build skills, promote socialization, and increase physical activity. Campers will be working with Texas Tech University students from the Health and Physical Education for Children class taught by Mr. Jeff Key. Mr. Key will direct the camp and has over 28 years experience teaching and coaching students of all ages. Campers will be divided up by age groups and abilities. Texas Tech students will provide the instruction under the direction of their Instructor. Campers will be given a snack and a drink mid-way through the morning.


Camp Champion


Hosted by 

Jeff Key, M. Ed

Instructor & Coordinator of Community Outreach

Texas Tech University  

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The East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood is an US Department of Education funded initiative committed to working with the residents of East Lubbock, Texas to support and advocate for our children – ensuring that both children and parents have access to the resources they need to grow, learn and succeed.

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