United Future Leaders


United Future Leaders


The Center for Adolescent Resiliency (CAR) will provide the United Future Leaders (UFL) program, which develops and promotes qualities such as civility, ethics and leadership to students beginning in grade 5 as they navigate their transition into middle school. The United Future Leaders program positively impacts the individual, social and peer culture of youth through ongoing program participation.  The weekly UFL curriculum consists of three components:

  • Healthy snack and basic nutrition lesson focused on developing healthy leaders;
  • Physical activities that allow reinforcement and application of thematic lessons through kinesthetic learning;
  • Experiential theme-based lessons focused on key leadership concepts such as physical safety, emotional security, identity, belonging, mission & purpose, competence and service.

UFL also provides consistent opportunities for mentoring, team building, service projects, relationship building and community outreach, which support individual growth and self-awareness among program participants.


United Future Leaders


Hosted by 

Dr. Sara Dodd

Director, Center for Adolescent Resiliency

College of Human Sciences

Texas Tech University



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