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Explore VOICEs of Hope

The VOICE Project is a community outreach program of the East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood that strives to capture and share authentic and inspiring stories of faith, hope and service.

Learn more about the VOICE Project.

About ELPN

The East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood is an US Department of Education funded initiative committed to working with the residents of East Lubbock, Texas to support and advocate for our children – ensuring that both children and parents have access to the resources they need to grow, learn and succeed.

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Mackenzie Village Shopping Center
1702 Parkway Dr.
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Toni became paralyzed at the age of 33 when her ex-boyfriend shot her five times, but she has not given up hope. See Toni's story.

LaCarl Richardson

LaCarl was able to change his life and become a VOICE for Hope, Salvation and Family. See LaCarl's story.


Jacob is a teacher at Estacado High School and a VOICE for Education, Poverty, and Racism. See Jacob's story.

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